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Farewell Terry Pratchett

The newsColour of Magic has already travelled far but I’d like to add our voices to those mourning the loss of Terry Pratchett, creator of Discworld and Ankh-Morpork. Both myself and Glen have nothing but love for his work over the last thirty years and we had both been reading through his back catalogue already before the news broke.

Our thoughts are with his surviving family and the whole of literature which has suffered a tremendous loss.


Site Wide Redesign

Distant Spires is changing.

Messers Glen Delaney and Thomas Swift are proud to announce a site wide redesign that has recently begun, and will soon finish, allowing for far more regular updates in the future.

Additionally we are happy to begin a series of feature reviews which we will post regularly from now on. Glen’s in America, reporting on his favourite new discoveries across the pond, and Tom is embarking on an epic marathon of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. And on top of that we’ve brought across a bucketload of old reviews from his old website for your convenience.

Expect plenty more material going forwards along with word of our next release which we should be completeing… sooon….

Distant Spires Podcast

Distant Spires Podcast

In mid november producers Thomas Swift and Glen Delaney got together to discuss 2013, plan the year ahead and also record a quick podcast. We hope to produce one of these every now and then, giving behind the scenes gossip and information on all our releases.

Here we reveal our devilish plan to expand the site next year, reveal an upcoming title (and our largest, grandest production to date) and there’s even a competition with real prizes to be won!

You can find the podcast (and any future ones that come along) here: